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HANSIKA POLYMERS is a MUMBAI based leading manufacturer of Interlocking Paver & Tile Moulds. With such a strategic presence, it serves Indian & Global Paving Industry with ease. It is certified International Supplier of Paver Moulds and Tiles Moulds.

With 26 Years of experience in Moulding Industry, Hansika Polymers has its customers spread across all states of India thus occupying a big presence in Indian Paving Industry. With its wide product range, none of its customer goes unsatisfied

Our products are Interlocking Polymer Paver Mould also commonly known as Interlocking PVC Paver Mould and Interlocking Polymer Tiles Mould also commonly known as Interlocking PVC Tiles Mould. Interlocking Polymer Paver Blocks are also a big section of our Vast Range. Customers often call it as Rubber Mould or PVC Rubber Mould, but our product gives better quality than later.

The products available are in a variety of sizes i.e. 20mm/25mm/30mm/40mm/60mm/80mm etc. and a variety of shapes and textures. Such as I-Shape, Colorado, Grass Paver, Unipaver, Brick, Cosmic, Damru, Brook, Taurus, Hexa. The surface finish available are Vermilook, Glossy, Sand Blasting, Texture.

Our quality standards are very high which we are proud off. With best quality paver mould our customers all across the globe are very satisfied. The five pillars of our company are