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HANSIKA POLYMERS (HP) is an INTERLOCKING PAVER MOULD AND TILES manufacturing company. It is one of the largest and most respected companies in India's Paving industry.

Over 26 YEARS of a strong, customer-focused approach in moulding industry and the continuous quest for world-class quality have enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in Paving Industry.

Why Us?

We Claim

“Hansika Polymers cares for it’s Customers,

in whatsoever way possible for Customers benefit”

Our actions at Hansika Polymers are completely oriented towards quality of our product and we are committed to achieve excellence in total customer satisfaction by providing products & services to meet customer’s stated and implied needs by improving productivity in every stage of our manufacturing process and targeting at zero defects.

We follow a set of code to have

  • Best Competitive Cost that no other can offer.
  • The best quality for our Customer.
  • After Sales Service to suit our customers need.
  • Timely Delivery.
  • Innovative & Customized Solutions.
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Cost :

We offer the best competitive price one can offer in the industry and we can go to the very depth of any other stream so as to reduce cost without compromising on Quality and moreover adding higher value to our products. Thus we aim to provide the Best Quality at the Best Price.


With our motto of attaining complete customer satisfaction, we strive hard to meet all the demands of the customers regarding the fabrication of superior quality Moulds and Tiles

Our prime motto is to serve quality products to our clients and owing to the same, various stringent quality tests are conducted under the supervision of our quality control executives. For further assurance of the quality of the PVC Moulds, the tests are conducted from the initial stages of procurement of raw materials to the final stage of launch of products in the market. As we incorporate hard work in every stage of production, our products are also demanded by the clients residing in other countries like.

  • United States
  • United Kingdo
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Asia-Pacific


We support our customer in every stage possible. We take care for regular updates from our customer pre and post sales. We train our customer for proper use of the mould along with DO’S and DONT’S. Our after sales service will make our customer feel overwhelmed for their association with us.

We also lend our helping hand for complete new plant set-up. Our service range from getting new machinery to ways to produce Paver Blocks. Yes we do it all!!!


With major production and managerial tools like Kaizen, Kanban, Gemba , Supply Chain Management used in Hansika Polymer, Our product will be manufactured and dispatched in the Right Quantity , Right Quality at the Right Place during the claimed time period. We have achieved 4 Sigma level in our Dispatch and manufacturing unit which in itself is an achievement.

Innovative & Customised Design:

Being equipped with modern research and development unit in MUMBAI along with R&D Engineers spread across India and Globe with immense knowledge in Paving Industry under the guidance of Mr.Dinesh Jain are doing a very brilliant job in providing our customers New and Advanced Designs according to market dynamics and customers personalised inputs.

All our designs are well tested for

  • Symmetric load distribution
  • Maximum load stress
  • Friction Coefficient
  • Less space occupancy
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Robust nature
  • Life Cycle
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Performance
  • Resistance against
    • Humidity
    • Scratch
    • Aging
    • Chemicals

We also cater to the personalised design needs of the customer.

Hansika Polymer Mould VS Rubber Mould

Sr.No Particulars HP Moulds Rubber Moulds Result
1 Life Cycle High Very Low More production
2 Black carbon mark on pavers Not possible Possible Improved Quality
3 Specific Density 1.2 1.5 Light Moulds
4 Colouring (Lacquering) Frequently you can change Not possible because washing of mould is not so easy Reusability for new colour
5 Acid resistance Excellent Poor Not Pitting Effect
6 Alkaline resistance Excellent poor No Abrasive Effect
7 Shining More Less Ultimate Glossy Final Product
8 Weight Less More Economical
9 Price Less High Cost Effective